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David Wynn is one of our candidates in Stopsley Ward for the May local elections.

David started out designing and building machine tools, which quickly became more and more computerised. Moving into IT in its relatively early days, he went on to implement and support factory planning and control systems for some of the larger companies around the World: a task made much simpler today thanks to the Internet.

David moved to Luton about 11 years ago, having lived in many areas both of the UK and overseas. He very quickly became involved in local campaigns, particularly the protection of green space and the management of our local environment. He has become passionately opposed to the disproportionate load that the Stopsley and Wigmore areas are taking of the overall industrial and housing development of Luton.

As something of a pragmatist he found similar beliefs and objectives amongst the local Liberal Democrat Focus Team and considers himself fortunate to have been able to join them: actually he believes that politics at a local level should first and foremost be about representing and supporting the needs of the local community.

He will bring energy, enthusiasm and persistence into a Councillor role and intends to serve the local community more effectively from inside the Council.