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Steve Moore is one of our candidates for Round Green Ward in the May local elections.

Steve has lived in Luton his entire life, barring three years while studying at Stoke University. Those three years have shown how a place like Stoke can be completely revitalised first hand. As a result, he got into local politics because he is passionate about the possibilities there are to do the same with a town he is immensely proud to be from.

He has a belief in the regeneration of the town centre and the fact that Power Court & Newlands Road can be at the heart of it and can be harnessed to compliment it rather than detract from it.

As someone born with a mild form of Cerebral Palsy, he is also passionate about disability issues. He was also a former international disabled cricketer, a Luton Town fan and firmly believes in the importance of sport as a positive influence on society in general.