“……..the Council needs to come up with a really good explanation of what they are doing and why.”

– Liberal Democrat Leader of the Opposition, Councillor David Franks.

Liberal Democrat councillors say the Council decision to refuse to allow Luton Town Football Club to lease the Cutenhoe Road playing fields is illogical and makes no sense educationally or financially.

Liberal Democrat leader of the opposition on the Council, David Franks comments “The Club has offered to allow free use of the sports fields by the local schools, to pay for the maintenance of the pitches and to pay a commercial rent. Where’s the logic in saying no?”

“At a time when Luton Council is covering open green spaces with concrete all over the town here’s an opportunity to give the football club the chance to improve their youth academy facilities, offer the schools the use of the playing fields with no maintenance costs and make a few bob for the hard pressed Council finances. How can you say no to that? Certainly, the Council needs to come up with a really good explanation of what they are doing and why.

“Pathetic and predictable” – Liberal Democrat response to the Council Standards Committee judgement on the three Labour Councillors who attended a mass tea party during the Covid-19 lockdown.

“You don’t stop being a Councillor for an hour or two when you choose to do something naughty, you still have a responsibility to behave yourself. When you put yourself up for a position where you will attract attention you have an additional duty not to set a bad example.

As for the recommendation that they should make a charitable donation equivalent to one month’s allowance, that comes to £450 after NI and income tax has been deducted, hardly enough to cause serious hardship. It’s also interesting the Committee didn’t recommend they resign their Council seats. That’s what they should do.

Let us not forget they have still not been suspended from the local Labour Party nor from the Labour Group of Councillors so we must assume the Labour Party thinks their behaviour is acceptable. Well 6,000 people who signed the petition don’t agree.”

As London Luton Airport Limited says it is planning to make its expanded airport greener and more sustainable the leader of the Luton’s Liberal Democrat councillors, Cllr. David Franks, asks just how green they intend it to be.

“We’ll believe them if they tell us they are going to abandon plans to concrete over the second-best park in Bedfordshire. We’ll believe them if they tell us they are going to abandon plans to make Ashcroft Road and Wigmore Lane major access routes to their airport.”

Cllr David Franks, Council Group Leader, Luton Liberal Democrats

The Luton Council owned company claims it is putting off until next year its application to the government for permission to expand the airport from 18 million passengers a year to 32 million and wants to make it greener and more sustainable.

Commenting on the announcement Cllr. David Franks said “We’ll believe them if they tell us they are going to abandon plans to concrete over the second-best park in Bedfordshire. We’ll believe them if they tell us they are going to abandon plans to make Ashcroft Road and Wigmore Lane major access routes to their airport.”

“In spite of constant complaints from those living near the airport or under its flight paths they are not doing anywhere near enough to deal with air quality and noise problems. There’s not enough monitoring of air pollution and without the information you cannot even begin to work out how to deal with the problem.”

Luton Liberal Democrats have been lobbying for years for more air quality monitoring around schools in the eastern and southern areas of Luton concerned that the potential damage to children’s lungs cannot be assessed because the technical information is not being collected and analysed.

Liberal Democrats strongly opposed the new road on two grounds.

First, New Bedford Road, Old Bedford Road and Stockingstone Road in Luton are already pretty much a disaster zone in the rush hours with very long traffic queues in both directions. Without a continuing road to the A505 the new road will bring these roads to a standstill most of the time. Central Bedfordshire Council must have been told this by their own traffic engineers. They obviously don’t care at all about the consequences.

Second, professional traffic engineers now agree the M1-A6-A505 road is needed but to gain maximum benefit it should be further north on the A6 and further east on the A505.

Liberal Democrats supported the Judicial Review attempt by Luton Council simply because all other options had been exhausted and this was literally the last resort. We are sorry it appears to have failed.

Luton Borough Council:

Updates and information can be found on the Council website: https://www.luton.gov.uk/Health_and_social_care/coronavirus/Pages/default.aspx

Brown bins, glass and food waste collections are suspended. Both the tidy tips are closed as are all community centres.

The current status of Council Services available can be found via the following link: https://www.luton.gov.uk/Health_and_social_care/coronavirus/Pages/Service-specific-updates.aspx

If you need any further information or support from your local Councillor during this time, their details can be found on the following page:


Please note that your local Councillors must follow Government advice in relation to social distancing.  This means that there may be some matters that we will be unable to resolve until the social distancing period has ended.

Easy Read Coronavirus Guide:

An easy read coronavirus guide is available via the following link:


Translated Guides – Washing Your Hands:

Handwashing posters in 14 different languages are available via the following link:


Social Distancing:

Guides on social distancing are available via the following links:

Guidance from the World Health Organisation (WHO) on when and how to use masks is available via the following link:


Stay At Home Advice:

If you are in a household with possible coronavirus infection, advice and guidance on self-isolation is available on the GOV.UK website via the following link:


Coronavirus – Latest NHS Guidelines:

These can be found translated into 34 languages via the following link:

Helping Others:

Volunteering – how to give help or get help

Volunteer to Help Vulnerable Residents

If you feel you can offer help to someone who needs it, such as elderly residents, pregnant women and vulnerable families, please email volunteering@luton.gov.uk.  

Volunteer to Help the NHS

Information on volunteering to be an NHS Volunteer Responder is available via the following link:


Volunteer to Help Your Local Foodbank

Information on how you can volunteer to assist your local foodbank as available via the following link:

Supporting Family and Friends

The government has released guidance for individuals supporting family and friends who are self-isolating. Under the government’s stay home policy, providing care or support to vulnerable friends and family is one of the four reasons to leave the home.

The guidance outlines how you can do this safely, by minimising the time spent in a vulnerable person’s home and maintaining a two metre distance from people outside of their own household.

The guidance is available via the following link:


Getting Help

If you’re a vulnerable person – aged over 70 and/or with underlying health conditions – and require urgent help, please contact 01582 547659.  

Anyone else needing assistance of any kind at this time is urged to click the link below to see a list of trusted help networks operating in your area.


Health Services:

Changes to Luton children’s community health services

See the link below for changes and cancellations to children’s community health services such as MASH, 0-5 services, nursing and others.


Changes to Luton adult’s community health services

See the link below for changes and cancellations to adult’s community health services such as safeguarding nursing and other services.


Urgent dental care

All dental practices have been requested to establish (independently or by collaboration with others) a remote urgent care service, providing telephone triage for their patients with urgent needs during usual working hours, and whenever possible treating with advice, analgesia, and antimicrobial means where appropriate.

The regional commissioner will then inform the Directory of Services (DOS) lead so that 111 are up to date with the correct information.

Whilst the system is still being worked out, the best advice we can give to residents today is to call your dental practice in the first instance. Even if they are physically closed, they should be taking calls. Failing that, please call 111 for emergencies. 

Clinicians returning to NHS and care professions to help

If you are a doctor, nurse, midwife, pharmacist or other health and care professional considering returning to the NHS to assist during this period, more information on how you can do this is available here: www.england.nhs.uk/coronavirus/returning-clinicians/

Advice for Claiming Benefits and Contacting the Benefits Team:

Information around claiming benefits during the coronavirus crisis and contacting the benefits team is available via the following link:


Advice for Businesses, including the Self-Employed:

Advice for Businesses on the following issues is available here – https://www.luton.gov.uk/Health_and_social_care/coronavirus/Pages/Advice-for-businesses.aspx

  • Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS)
  • Retail business relief
  • Commercial rent
  • Filing of accounts
  • VAT and Income Tax payments
  • Income Tax
  • Self employed
  • Food businesses
  • Businesses trading internationally
  • Advice and guidance available locally

Acas – free employment law helpline and webinars

Acas are the workplace experts, funded by BEIS. They are advising employers and their workers through the Acas Helpline 0330 123 1100. They are running weekly live Twitter Q&A sessions with Acas experts (every Friday at 10:30).  

There are also advisory webinars for employers. with multiple dates available. These free webinars will provide practical advice for employers to help manage the impact of Coronavirus in the workplace.

Coronavirus Scams:

The coronavirus situation is unfortunately an opportunity for criminals to exploit those with fears about COVID-19 and prey on those who are older, vulnerable or isolated from family and friends.

Please remain vigilant and take extra care during these difficult times by reading and following the advice given on this page:


Other Information Sources:

Citizens Advice Bureau – Advice on Coronavirus related issues:

Useful information on various coronavirus related issues can be found on the Citizens Advice Bureau website, via the following link: https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/resources-and-tools/search-navigation-tools/Search/?q=%22coronavirus%22+OR+%22COVID-19%22&c=SERP-PUBLIC

Government WhatsApp Service:

The new free to use service aims to provide official, trustworthy and timely information and advice about coronavirus (COVID-19), and will further reduce the burden on NHS services.


Sport England – #StayInWorkOut campaign

With people mostly confined to their own home following the latest government advice, Sport England’s ‘Join the Movement’ campaign will give people fun and creative ideas on how to get active at home and encourage them to share their own experiences and join the movement online using the hashtag #StayInWorkOut.  The campaign will have its own online hub to give access to a range of home workout options. For more info check: www.stayinworkout.org .